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"It's thanks to the whole team at Porthkerris, plus the many visiting divers and holiday-makers; because that's where the whole idea of Dive Project Cornwall started"

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Porthkerris in Cornwall




When I started scuba diving back in 2017, I recall the feeling of the weightlessness; it was the beginning of a new and exciting journey. I remember the immediate thought that occurred to me, which I shared with my PADI Instructor; "wouldn't it be amazing if more young people could explore beneath the waves, see how beautiful the incredible underwater world really is and understand why the marine environment is so very, very important."


Image courtesy Kennack Sands

A soft bodied, 8 limbed mollusc - the Octopus! Part of the cephalopod family.


Image courtesy Kennack Diving

The PADI open water course where students learn all necessary dive skills.


I’m Andy Forster, and I’ve always been enthusiastic about marine conservation, the ocean and the life within it. I have been fortunate enough to be able to move my family to Cornwall and I realise that most people are not so lucky; many may never even get to see the ocean.

Being in Cornwall introduced the start of my diving journey. Despite being a keen surf-kayaker in my younger days, it wasn’t until I had my first experience under the waves that I started to gain a greater understanding of the ocean and the incredible marine wildlife hidden there.


Whilst working as a volunteer at Porthkerris with David Roberts (from Kennack Diving who work in partnership with Porthkerris) my passion and interest in the ocean has grown significantly. Now after many diving adventures with Stephen Champion, another instructor at Porthkerris, I feel that I really, truly appreciate the true beauty of the ocean, the amazing and fascinating array of marine life and its importance to the survival of our planet. 

So it's thanks to the whole team at Porthkerris, plus the many divers and holiday-makers because that's where the whole idea of DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL started. 

My aim is that through DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL we
can shout loudly together to spread the message about the critical importance of the health of our oceans and educate people about the real and serious threats to our marine environment and the survival of our entire planet.


We need your help so please act now and get in touch with us here at DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL and be part of our campaign to eliminate plastic pollution and protect the marine environment to save all life in our oceans for many future generations to enjoy and cherish.

Porthkerris' shore dive and house reef. Some of the best diving in the UK.

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