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Congratulations! Your School has been successfully selected to participate in the next round of the DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL competition. Here's what you have to do next.

1. Create a marine creature from one use plastic (and send in pictures/video of it)


2. Make a short 2-minute video why your school should/want to win the competition


3. Write a 500 word essay on why we should protect the ocean

Secondary schools are rising to the challenges of tackling plastic pollution in their communities. But can you create something wonderful from the plastic waste you encounter daily? Your competition entry requires students from your school (with the support of teachers) to complete three tasks:


We hope your School has been inspired by Marine Conservation Society Lesson Plans along with our Education Programme to discover and understand how important our oceans and marine life are to the future of our planet. Combine your creativity and this information and create a marine creature you might typically find around UK waters. Don't worry - if you are inspired by global marine life, this is ok!

Turn your creativity using the single-use plastics normally discarded, into a beautiful work of art. This can be in the format of a static 3-D creation, a mosaic picture or even a moveable creature. Your only limitation is your imagination!

Don't forget to document your progress, from design through to completion with photos and video. You can even post them to our Facebook and Instagram pages - @diveprojectcornwall. Don't give too much away though - remember to keep the element of surprise for the very end!


Your creations will be stunning, of that we are certain. However, we think the practicalities of sending them to our Judging Panel may be a little tricky! That's why, we would like your School to create a short, 2-minute video which can not only document your progress but gives your students the chance to explain how important this project is to them and why they would be worthy winners.

The DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL mission includes EDUCATION and hopefully you will have enjoyed everything we've compiled to support this. Your mission as a school is to help students to take this information on board and become an Ocean Influencer - inspiring others to protect our oceans for future generations to enjoy


There is so much information available about how important our oceans are for future life on Earth. We're looking for your students to get creative with the written-word and tell us why this statement is true to them. Your essay submission can be in the form of a poem, a story or a factual piece. It can be from the perspective of a particular marine creature or a community that relies on the oceans to survive - or from the ocean itself ... again, take inspiration from the EDUCATION PROGRAMME and let your imagination run free to support your entry.


Turn your plastic waste into a beautiful marine creature


Document your progress and make a 2-minute video


Get creative with a 500-word essay to support your entry


The closing date for entries is 23rd MAY 2022. We encourage all entries to be submitted before this date to ensure all information has been received.

Due to the potential file sizes of documentation, we advise sending your entries via WETRANSFER, a simple and secure way of transferring large files. Please use the email address when sending your entries.


You must also include the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your school name and contact telephone number

  • The Region being entered

  • The document name for your essay

  • The file name for your video

Unfortunately, we cannot accept postal entries for this competition.

Take a look at the specially created Assembly video from the Marine Conservation Society to educate and inspire your competition entry:

If you have any additional questions regarding your submission, please contact us via the GET IN TOUCH button above or you can email Andy Forster, Project Director

In the meantime, everyone at DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL wishes you the very best of luck!


Full details of entry requirements, terms and conditions for taking part in DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL can be found here.

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