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Along with the DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL brochure, which explains our vision, goals, schools competition and how to get involved, we've curated specific press releases which can be incorporated into your own marketing announcements.

January 2022

Competition announcement and how to take part.

Introduce the Dive Project Cornwall vision & key partnerships to your audience

Let your audience know how they can become a DIVE BUDDY SPONSOR

Dive Project Cornwall announces new sponsor WATERHAUL, May 2022


It's vital we share the message of the damage being done to our oceans. The vision of DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL is to protect our oceans for future generations to cherish and enjoy. Download the content from our blog posts and encourage participation in the Project.

800 Species are at threat due to ocean pollution.

12.7million tonnes of plastic enters the ocean every year

An estimated truckload of rubbish is dumped into our oceans every minute

One million seabirds die annually due plastic pollution


The DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL vision is to protect the marine life for future generations to enjoy and cherish. We have compiled some interesting facts of marine life around the British coast. Download the content and encourage others to find out more.

The Cuttlefish

Male Corkwing Wrasse

Curled Octopus

Atlantic Puffin

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