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Introducing the CORNISH BRAND Package

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As a Cornish Brand you can enjoy your logo proudly promoted throughout all of our national marketing campaigns, thus reaching millions of people through your sponsorship of DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL .

If you are a Cornish brand who wants to raise your profile and align with other great brands then this package is perfect for you.


  • Are you searching for new ways to promote your business and/or brand/s to large numbers of people?

  • Will unique content in words, picture and video align with your PR and marketing activity?

  • Do you care about the marine environment and want to protect it for future generations?

  • Have you already made moves as a business to actively eliminate plastic where possible?

  • Would an internal campaign to motivate and engage your people bring them together as a team that is proud to work for the business?

  • Is there a desire to look after your people and give your team memorable and unique experiences?

  • Is your business focussed on Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) and want to increase its activity in this extremely visible and important area?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above then the CORNISH BRAND Package is perfect for you. What’s more you can help DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL deliver its goals and make a difference in the lives of 400 lucky teenagers, by giving them the opportunity of a lifetime; that will create ‘Ocean Influencers’ to positively engage, inspire and motivate the next generation to save our planet.


  • Exposure to the entire DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL audience (15million+) with our Media Partners and Collaborating Charities.

  • Exclusive access to ambassadors and lucky teenagers during the 20 weeks - giving you numerous marketing content opportunities like video / interviews / brand associations / etc.

  • Introductions and opportunities to work with the other sponsors, Media Partners and Collaborating Charities.

  • Be part of the panel of judges to judge the competition and select the winning schools (invitation for 1 representative from your company).

  • Your logo positioned as CORNISH BRAND Sponsor on the CORNISH BRAND page on the website.

  • Your business logo on which will put your brand in front of all visitors to the website and increase awareness of your business.

  • We’ll give you access to all DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL content; words, pictures and video allowing you to build your own PR communications and marketing campaigns.

  • We’ll supply you with a unique CORNISH BRAND logo representing your support for DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL which can be used in all of your marketing and communications.

  • A window sticker and set of posters for you to ‘shout-out’ about your CORNISH BRAND sponsorship to your customers, team and trade visitors.

  • Attend our Welcome BBQ to meet the lucky teenagers you are sponsoring over the 20 weeks (invitation for 5 representatives from your company).

  • You can provide a branded souvenir for the DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL goodie bags.

  • Join in with a Beach Clean and help the environment (invitation for 10 representatives from your company).

  • Support a Street Litter pick and make a difference to the local community (invitation for 10 representatives from your company).

  • Your business logo on the certificate handed to the lucky teenager as they achieve ‘Ocean Influencer’ status. We’ll also invite you to the Awards Party as part of the celebration barbecue (invitation for 2 representatives from your company).

  • Lots, lots more as DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL unfolds; you may even have your own ideas to deliver additional benefits; please share these with us and we can add them to your CORNISH BRAND package.

Here at DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL we are looking for your support to help us spread our important message to a wider audience. DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company - every penny we raise through sponsorship is put back into DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL to fulfil our vision. If you have any ideas or want to do more to support DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL then please get in touch.

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