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“If the sea is sick, we’ll feel it. If it dies, we die...

... Our future and the state of the oceans are one.” - Syliva Earle.

Marine biologist, Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic and one of Time magazine’s ‘Heroes for the Planet’, Sylvia Earle is undoubtedly one of the leading advocates for the beating blue heart of our planet, having pioneered research on marine ecosystems, with a special focus on exploration, conservation, and the development of new technologies for effectively accessing the deep sea and other remote areas to give us all an insight into the most important habitat on the planet: “With knowing comes caring, and with caring comes hope that we can find an enduring place for ourselves within the natural systems that support us.”

The state of the beautiful blue body of water that surrounds the earth has been through a devastating change since Sylvia began her career: “50 years ago, when I began exploring the ocean, no one imagined that we could do anything to harm the ocean by what we put into it or what we took out of it. It seemed, at that time, to be a sea of Eden, but now we know and we are facing paradise lost.”

Sylvia was former Chief Scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and founder of SEAlliance which has partnered with National Geographic on Mission Blue in a bid to further global initiatives aimed at restoring health and productivity to the ocean, an open invitation to us all to help make a change for the future of our planet: “I hope for your help to explore and protect the wild ocean in ways that will restore its health, and in doing so, secure hope for mankind. Health to the ocean means health to us.”

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