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Porthkerris in Cornwall


I just wanted to say another huge thanks to Andy and the dive project Cornwall team for such a fantastic week. From the moment we arrived the girls were learning teamwork and cooperation. From carrying kit, looking after their tents, to who was doing the washing up! The whole set up of Dive Cornwall teaches students grit and determination.

Diving is an unnatural feeling when you get in the water initially but gentle encouragement from Darren, and Greg and Ryan the dive masters meant the girls persevered, didn't give up and achieved their goals.


The girls were safe and supported at all times. I swear they left Cornwall 10 feet taller than they arrived! A number of the girls who might normally not have tried, have put themselves forward for senior prefect roles this week on their return. I am sure that this is a result of being taught that they can do things if they try,  put themselves out and persist. 

Coming to the camp,  an all male environment, as a woman with an all girls group had the potential to be quite intimidating. We felt safe and respected at all times.


Andy's meticulous attention to detail and scrupulous following of Safeguarding procedures in the background means that the camp runs with a relaxed atmosphere allowing students to grow in confidence and build relationships with the dive project team.


There is a definate message of keeping cheerful and facing challenges with a sense of humour that can sometimes be lost in a busy term in a classroom.


A love of the natural world, and particularly the oceans, oozes from everyone of Andy's team. Jowen in the kitchen is a wealth of knowledge on the marine environment and don't get Ryan started on sharks!

Our visit from the marine conservation society helped the girls to see that there are tangible things they can be doing to help the environment. I think this is so important for this generation who can often feel overwhelmed or helpless when faced with all the doom moungering of the environmental damage inflicted by generations before them.


There was some reluctance to release the girls from school this close to exam season, but they learned so much more in this one week than they would in school. Inspiration to do well, to try and to follow your passions cannot be underrated. I would bring every single one of my students on this trip if I could!


I can honestly say that bringing these girls on this trip has been a career highlight for me.

Thank you again Dive Project Cornwall! 

Kathryn Baker, Teacher



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