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Our intern programme allows former participants to return and progress their diving skills through helping other students.

Meet Ross

When did you first get interested in scuba diving?

I had my first Scuba Diving experience back in 2018 in Sarıgerme, Turkey. I was only 11 at this time but it was an experience and a memory I can never forget. The feeling of breathing underwater and getting to see a world unimaginable from the surface, I was hooked. Since then I have done a few dives whilst on holiday but unfortunately, I didn't do any qualifications until Dive Project Cornwall last year.


How did you learn about DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL?

My journey with Dive Project Cornwall started with a teacher in my school telling me about an exciting opportunity to head down to Cornwall for a week to Scuba Dive and without any hesitation I was in.


The journey started with the open water qualification e-learning, which was full of interesting facts and procedures that come along with diving. Then it was time for the nearly 11-hour drive from where I stay in Scotland, down to Cornwall for an epic week of diving but… the weather wasn’t on our side. The winds prevented us from actually managing to dive in the ocean.


But I still had a great time learning all about conservation, getting the pool sessions in, meeting the team, along with some snorkelling to make up for the weather. Now I have completed my open water qualification back home and am ready to start a whole new summer of diving with the Dive Project Cornwall team this year as an intern. 

What are you most looking forward to about your internship?

The Intern program is a really exciting and unique way for me to take my diving to the next level. It gives me the opportunity to complete my Advanced Open Water, Rescue and Divemaster courses, all within one trip down to beautiful Cornwall.


I am looking forward to growing my skills as a diver whilst getting to meet new people and have a part in teaching them how to dive and hopefully inspire the next run of enthusiastic ocean influencers/divers. 

Meet Chelsea

When did you first get interested in scuba diving?

My name is Chelsea, I am 17 years old and currently studying at Falmouth marine school and I’m doing a marine conservation course, which helps us to identify and use strategies to help protect the marine environment around Cornwall.  


I started diving at the age of 10, when I was on holiday in Spain and ever since then, I have always had an interest in the marine world and diving. This photograph was from when i first started my diving (just as a pool dive) in Spain, this sparked my curiosity and interest into the marine world, and becoming a diver while helping the ocean ecosystems. 

How did you learn about DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL?

Last year I attended the dive project and received my open water dive qualification at the end of the week.


The dive project was an amazing opportunity, I was able to be part of, which also opened so many other possibilities in the marine sector for me.


The dive project doesn’t only just teach you how to dive safely, it also teaches you to be part of a team and encourage you to be more independent.

What are you most looking forward to about your internship?

I’m looking forward being at Porthkerris, to seeing the dive team again, as they are very welcoming and always up for a laugh. But also teaching students to share our love for the ocean and all things marine based.

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