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“ We positively impact the mental health and well-being of students through teaching them to scuba dive and understanding the importance of marine conservation."

Our aim at DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL is to bring about a positive change with every child who takes part in our programme. And we do so in a place which is both professional and controlled and where students can interact freely with adults, in a fun and engaged manner.

Every young person attending a DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL dive camp, will work towards achieving their PADI SCUBA DIVER certification. Not only do students take part in the unique experience of scuba diving but they also gain valuable life skills both in and out of the water. Our perfectly positioned (and stunning location) in Porthkerris, Cornwall, also allows us to teach students about the importance of ocean conservation.


Sitting an exam or diving into the ocean - the life skills students learn at DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL will help them develop both self-control and self-regulation, helping them to face and overcome challenges in their everyday lives.

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Challenge and Empower students to become more resilient day-to-day

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Working and supporting each other in unfamiliar situations


Learning through failure to achieve your end goal

Raising Aspirations

  • We work hard to make sure that every child leaves us feeling empowered and capable of achieving anything they set their mind to.

  • Through new social interactions & collaborative learning of unfamiliar skills, students learn how to move forward in achieving their goals.



  • The improvements in ‘soft skill’ development while supporting each other through unfamiliar, and sometimes stressful and challenging situations, provides a firm foundation of belief, trust and resilience.

  • Our highly trained dive instructors demonstrate that leading by example in a professional, but humorous manner, can help bring about a positive change.

Mental well-being

  • Our programs are designed to help students overcome anxiety, including social anxiety, by placing them in situations that foster group-work and engaging with adults.

  • We help young people understand what it means to be prepared for learning, revising, and take home a newfound resilience, even when things get tough.


  • We offer a safe environment - one where young people are able to interact with knowledgeable, caring adults. Learning to dive should be fun, but we also engage at a serious, controlled and professional level when required.

  • Students learn to build a trusting relationship in the process of learning.


  • Define what 'success' means to each student taking part.

  • Teach young people to understand that having a plan will help them achieve their goal.

  • Learning through failure in a controlled and professional environment

Hear their words

  • Allow students to voice their fears in a supportive environment and provide them with techniques to overcome and conquer.

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