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Sir james Smith


"The students have returned as completely different individuals. They have become more resilient and have developed their social skills in a way they would not have achieved in the traditional classroom."

"We have just returned from what has been the most amazing week of school ever. 20 of our students are now fully fledged “Ocean Influencers”, having completed the pilot week of DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL (DPC).  It is hard to describe how fantastic the DPC staff were - every one of them were superb. Andy, Darren and Gary (from Orca Scuba) were calm, patient and excellent instructors.


The support given by Gabe, Jo, Rachael and Roz was so reassuring for the students. Without their patience the students would not have made such enormous strides in their confidence and diving ability. Tamsyn and Steve were the most brilliant camp hosts, producing the most amazing food - bbq steak on the first night set the tone for what was to become an unbelievable week!

Every young person that attended DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL developed huge confidence in the water - many arrived nervous and unsure of themselves on the Sunday.  By the time we left Porthkerris every student had overcome barriers and challenges they had never faced before.  


In my 16 years of teaching, I have led day and residential trips in the UK, France and Italy. The Dive Project has been the best trip I have had the privilege of leading in my career. From a personal point of view it has been the most rewarding week of my career - from seeing students overcome challenges and achieving success in so many different ways to working with an amazing group of people. 


It has been an absolute pleasure working with DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL and I would highly recommend the trip to any young people. This is just the start of our journey - The students and staff are really excited to take our Ocean Influencer status to the next level."


Ed McGuffie - Deputy Head, Sir James Smith School

(part of North Cornwall Learning Trust)


"The Best Bit of the week for me was witnessing the support DPC have shown the students."



"My best of the dive week was completing both the open water dives and feeling a lot more comfortable and proud of diving."

"I've learnt so many different things both in and out of the pool it would be impossible to write it all down."


Thanks to our education partners and experienced dive team, we continue to be impressed with the way students are working to make a difference to changing their habits to make a difference to our oceans. The images below, demonstrates the key learnings our new Ocean Influencers are taking on board as a result of  DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL. There's a passion to learn and understand and creatively, demonstrate their understanding.

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