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"My expectations of what we would get our of DIVE PROJECT CORNWALL have

exceeded mine and my students' wildest dreams."

"To see our students, have fun, rise to challenges and smile all week was amazing. The variety of experience they had from having talks from Falmouth University, workshops with Marine Conservation Society and completing their Open Water Scuba Diver Course was fantastic.


On top of all of that to experience the beautiful scenery, camping in tents, the weather (especially the torrential rain!) working with each other, and the Instructors and Divemaster’s from Orca Scuba Diving Academy and DPC whilst making new friends along the way was an experience of a lifetime.


My expectations of what we would get out of Dive Project Cornwall have exceeded mine and my students’ wildest dreams. We are so grateful for being able to have this amazing opportunity given to our students at The Sydney Russell School and to be part of the DPC adventure."


Thankyou DPC and Orca Scuba Diving Academy,

Liz Coyle (Director of Global Citizenship, The Sydney Russell School)


"Cornwall was a great experience for our students at Sydney Russell. They learnt key life skills, through day-to-day activities, workshops, exploring and of course SCUBA diving. I was privileged to watch our young people to grow into well rounded citizens who are all polite, confident, resilient and more importantly have the ability to face any challenge."


"The project was such a great experience for me because of not just the diving or the place but the people who I met there and the people I spent most of my time with I loved every second of it (but the diving was pretty cool ) It was an unmissable trip even if it was rainy and cold still worth sticking around for especially the campfire each night and the campsite after dark it was so pretty seeing the stars for the first time in a while."


"Dive Project Cornwall was such an experience for anyone. Even for people who did not participate in the scuba diving activities, the feeling of stepping outside of a tent and the cold air hitting you in the face, the sound of rain as you fall asleep was so relaxing, everyone there was really nice and even when times were hard they did not pressure you to do anything you did not want to do, they were very understanding and overall I could not thank anyone enough for everything they done. Thanks for everything."


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